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Motorsport UK expands search for FIA Rally Star

Following the preliminary rounds of the FIA Rally Star #RallyAtHome Challenges, Motorsport UK will be continuing its search by opening-up the competition to encompass all of the remaining #RallyAtHome Challenges for competitors aged 17-27.

#RallyAtHome Slalom Europe
#RallyAtHome Motorsport UK National Final

Following the postponement of the FIA Rally Star Continental Final to January 2022, the governing body for UK motorsport will use the extra time providing by the FIA to continue its search for the next British talent. The planned UK Final, due to take place in June will now be moved to October, allowing drivers further opportunities to shine in the global competition.

Motorsport UK will use all of the remaining Digital Challenges to shortlist the UK hopefuls as it uses #RallyAtHome Challenges 3-12 to create a UK FIA Rally Star Championship, with the best five scores from the ten rounds for each driver counting towards the selection.

As originally announced, the top 25 points scorers will then be invited to the UK final for the Shootout, to find the British representatives for the FIA Rally Star European Final.

“With the ever-changing landscape, it is unfortunate to see the European Continental Final pushed back to January next year,” said FIA Rally Star UK manager Iain Campbell. “However, the extra time has enabled us to continue our national search for our 25 finalists. We will be carrying forward the results from the first few rounds and allowing competitors to count their best five scores from the ten events Motorsport UK are monitoring, allowing those discovering the WRC9 game and the FIA Rally Star competition the ability to take part in the remaining events, giving them a chance of reaching the UK final as well.”

The FIA Rally Star #RallyAtHome Challenges continues into the summer with the final round taking place between 21-26 August. Checkout the latest UK Classifications HERE.